A Scandal of the Particular

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My new novel, “A Scandal of the Particular” puts the reader right in the middle of Hyman Kazan‘s chaotic life. Kazan is a struggling lawyer, with an unfulfilled, passionate girlfriend, his life is a downward spiral with no end but it only gets worse, much worse, when a body of a young man from Scotland is found outside of a safe injection site in downtown Vancouver, from there on out everything changes. The dark, rainy streets of the Lower Mainland are rocked to their very core when it is discovered that the corpse and Kazan’s girlfriend shared the same lover, Judge Craig Donald Smith. As Kazan’s world begins to crumble, he finds himself with one last chance to find out the truth and in doing so may be a measure of happiness.In the pursuit of justice does he have the courage to fight off his demons and maintain his integrity as well as his sanity.

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