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Justice is not fair and, in many instances, cold and heartless

Justice means fairness yet it’s also a contradiction because fairness doesn’t always mean justice, and justice doesn’t always mean fairness. Confusing? Agreed! When you look at the world and the different countries, they all have their justice systems in place, some crimes in some places might be light imprisonment yet in other countries those same […]

It’s Time to Get Things Done!

A Lawyer Exposes Judicial Errors Through the Use of a Dark and Thrilling Novel: Steve Hamilton, a lawyer turned author, has penned a spine-tingling psychological thriller. The plot, on the other hand, appears to be taking a turn. A young Scotsman’s corpse was found outside the injection site, and while this is by far the […]

Justice Must Be Dispatched! It’s either that or it’s not!

A Lawyer Uses a Dark and Thrilling Novel to Expose Judicial Flaws A lawyer by training, Steve Hamilton has written a chilling psychological thriller. However, the narrative seems to have a twist. The body of a young Scotsman was discovered outside the safe injection location, and while this poses the greatest hazard, it is still […]