Justice Must Be Dispatched! It’s either that or it’s not!

A Lawyer Uses a Dark and Thrilling Novel to Expose Judicial Flaws

A lawyer by training, Steve Hamilton has written a chilling psychological thriller. However, the narrative seems to have a twist.

The body of a young Scotsman was discovered outside the safe injection location, and while this poses the greatest hazard, it is still a small portion of the overall picture. Following the trail of a murderer, Hyman Kazan discovers evidence that points to an unusual suspect: Judge Craig Donald Smith!

Do you think learning the truth will make him happier? Alternatively, will he muster the will to stand up for what’s right and fight for it?

Through a protagonist named Hyman Kazan, the novel Scandal of the Particular reveals the weaknesses and leaks in the legal system. Hyman Kazan’s life hasn’t turned out the way he expected it to. It’s as if the whole world has made up its mind to crumble at once. Hyman Kazan is dealing with a number of problems, including a dissatisfied love interest and a troublesome professional life. He quickly understands, however, that the difficulties he’s encountered are simply the tip of the iceberg. What’s to come is even more serious and dangerous: There’s a corpse here.

Here’s an example of a reviewer’s comments:

Due to the novel’s unpredictable plot changes, I’m eager to read more from this author in the future. It’s the author’s skillful use of language that makes the reader feel a strong emotional connection to the protagonist. After only a few pages of the storey, the author does not want the reader to feel sorry for the protagonist. If he has the chance, he’d like the character and the viewer to share in these emotions and behaviours. First-page revelations are common, but after that, things only become more exciting. This book will appeal to everyone who appreciates a good puzzle or a good storey. It’s tough to put down a book once you’ve started reading since the mystery and characters’ characteristics capture your attention so thoroughly. Great writing and real characters combine for an enjoyable experience. If you’re looking for a book that will push your cerebral limits, pick this one up. It’s rare that a character’s point of view seamlessly shifts from one scene to the next, but it does happen occasionally. Other times, it’s a bit dull. If you’re in a fight sequence, for example, you may then move to a talk session. However, this is the only factor that can evoke neutral or conflicted feelings in participants.

The fun part has begun. Everything about this book is top-notch, including the storey, the characters, and the fast-paced action scenes. There’s something about Steve Hamilton’s writing style that I admire and can’t quite put into words. Besides the characters’ interactions with the surroundings, you’ll be interested in how they deal with problems and challenges in life. Everything about it is wonderful.

The grim-fiction novel “A Scandal of the Particular” is written by Steve Hamilton. For more than a quarter of a century, his work has focused on criminal law. With degrees from the University of Windsor and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, Steve Hamilton has worked as a lawyer and criminologist. The rest of it will be revealed alongside the criminal investigation – only on amazon!

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